Treating Wounds: Should I Visit a Wound Care Specialist or a Hospital?

28 December, 2022

When receiving a serious wound, one of the most decisive factors in the speed of wound healing is the initial choice of the patient between a visit to a private wound care clinic or an outpatient department of a public hospital. Unlike outpatient treatment in a hospital, going to a private wound care clinic can give you access to a qualified medical team of specialists who will not only treat your wound, but also the underlying illness, and can quickly lead to your full recovery.

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Treating Wounds Properly Is a Big Deal

Although many wounds do heal naturally within a few days, some underappreciated wounds that did not receive proper attention at the initial stages can be delayed in treatment for up to several months. Moreover, as a result of infection, lack of oxygen to the wound, and poor blood flow, ordinary wounds can develop into chronic wounds. 

Here are some examples of chronic wounds:

  • Crushing injury wounds
  • Gangrene 
  • Burn wounds

Although this is not a full list of chronic wounds, a visit to a private clinic can radically change the further development of the wound and prevent such complications.

Advantages of Specialty Care at a Private Wound Care Practice

Improved Care Coordination. Wound testing in a private clinic covers one of the biggest disadvantages of outpatient hospitals, which is fragmented care. This is when patients are sent from one specialist to another in different hospitals, who do not have communication with each other. In a private clinic, patients are provided with a holistic approach that implies coordinated treatment by a team of multidisciplinary wound care specialists. 

Less Costly Medical Care. Both the home treatment option and a personal visit to a private clinic cost less than going to a regular hospital. A private clinic can help patients achieve the best results at the lowest cost with a customized wound care program. Thus, by avoiding the excessive processes of ordinary hospitals, patients save their time and transport costs. 

Patient-Focused Care. By contacting a team of specialists from one private clinic, patients can increase the effectiveness of their treatment and save the waiting time that is usually wasted during hospitalization. In addition, the patient can make an appointment for the diagnosis they need for the wound in the same building and on the same day.

In-Home Care Options. Private clinics focus on flexible wound care and provide patients with a mobile treatment practice. Specialized doctors can make home visits to patients, which helps patients feel as comfortable as possible.


No matter what type of wound-care option you choose, one of the most important things to do is to get tested as soon as you spot the difficulties in the healing process. Alliance Health Wound testing provides golden-standard wound testing and issues the results in the shortest time. Go to our website and schedule an appointment in a few simple steps and do not let a small scratch cause a huge damage to your health.

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