Traveling from Miami Beach with Covid Restrictions in 2021: What To Expect

10 August, 2021

What do you need to know about Covid-19 restrictions to travel in Miami?

Our travel has been restricted for over a year now! We’ve been scared—quite understandably. But the world is opening up, and restrictions have lifted all around. The CDC softened international travel guidelines. And since then, airlines, cruise lines, & travel agencies have followed suit.

So, how do we simplify the travel process in Miami Beach? Let’s take a look at the overlap in all the restrictions.


Current Travel Restrictions

Some institutions prefer that you’re vaccinated—but can you travel if you’re not? The answer is yes. Just make sure you’re prepared!

At this point, any international traveler coming to the US—whether a citizen or not—needs a negative COVID-19 PCR test result within 3 days prior to their flight.

At Alliance, we treat this as a baseline. Why? Because from what we’ve seen, institutions and governments use PCR results as their main line of defense. Some require vaccinations, some don’t.

Some have a separate set of requirements for vaccinated or unvaccinated persons. But they ALL seem to accept negative PCR results within 3 days as enough proof that you can travel safely!


Masks And Facial Coverings

So now you know that a negative PCR result 3 days before leaving Miami is a must. What else? How are the current restrictions in Miami? Specifically, when and where will you need your mask?

The CDC mandate for Florida businesses to require masks has passed—so what now?!! Well, most in-person businesses are running on good faith. They’re asking customers to wear masks if unvaccinated.

Alliance supports this decision! We know it must feel liberating to have the option to finally go maskless, but we still recommend that unvaccinated folks keep their masks handy—just in case!


Packing Your Bags

Since the restrictions have been lifted, what else should you pack? We recommend traveling with a first-aid kit in case of emergencies. And make sure to contact your boss and tell them that you’ll be traveling internationally during Covid!

And don’t forget about your health insurance coverage if traveling out of the country! A small payment for travel insurance goes a long way in any emergencies. Hopefully, you won’t encounter any! But in our current pandemic recovery stage, it’s best to be sure!

Lastly, if traveling by plane—you’ll need a valid ID! Passports and driver’s licenses are both accepted. This is for the safety of all passengers onboard!

You’ll also want your negative PCR result handy—especially if you’re unvaccinated, like with all other forms of travel!

Alliance recommends getting tested 2 days before your flight, in the morning. That way, any issues can be resolved in time if needed—and if all goes smoothly, your results will still be valid!


Restrictions in Common International Destinations

So we know Miami restrictions have softened—but restrictions in other destinations affect us too! 

International travel in Miami is just as prevalent as domestic travel! According to Miami International Airport’s Traffic Reports, around 50% of total flights in & out of MIA in 2019 were International.

In these past few months, the developed world has gained access to Covid vaccines. And luckily, many countries have been able to get a large chunk of their population vaccinated! 

How has this caused restrictions to change?


Government Restrictions

  • The United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • Brazil


International Airline Restrictions

Airlines like British Airways have lifted their restrictions, which means that you can fly to any region of the world if you’re traveling without Covid vaccination. This is also true for destinations in Europe and Asia!

Check your airline’s website before your trip! This way, you’ll see the current state of Covid-19 travel restrictions for that airline before you take off.


So, What’s the verdict? Should I travel?

As you can see, it’s possible to travel safely if you’re not vaccinated and take the proper precautions. 

If you’re eager to get back to traveling but haven’t had a chance to get vaccinated, you can easily find out which test results you need before boarding! 

As long as you take the right measures, there’s no need to wait. Just make sure you’re prepared.

It seems like our city can finally start getting back to normal—maybe even a safer, improved version of its old self. Miami Beach steadily returns to the welcoming destination we know it to be—coming together for both business and leisure. 

Come get tested at our Miami Beach clinic for rapid PCR results before your trip!

To make our transition back into travel easier, Alliance is offering free mobile service to patients who book a PCR test. We’ll come test you anywhere in Miami. This way—if your flight is coming up, you can make use of every second!

To learn more about how our Mobile Service works or book an Alliance PCR test for your upcoming trip, just give us a call at 844-678-0055

We’ll be happy to answer any questions that might come up before your departure date.

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