The Benefits of PCR Testing for Wound Care

03 March, 2023
Alliance Health PCR Wound Care testing in Miami

Human body is a unique and fragile structure. Every scratch can put a start to an irreversible process. Wound care is an essential aspect of caring for human health, as wound infections lead to complications and, in the worst case scenario, even fatal consequences.

PCR Wound Care testing

PCR Testing for Wound Care

Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing comes of great assistance to proper wound care. So how does it work? PCR testing is a laboratory method that can be used to detect the presence of DNA in a sample. PCR testing can help identify specific bacteria causing infection in a wound to help medical specialists guide treatment decisions. Speed is the main advantage of PCR testing in the treatment of any wound, as such diseases progress quickly. 

Time is the top priority when it comes to wound care. If traditional testing methods return results within a few days, then PCR testing only within a few hours. That is the reason why PCR wound test has already saved so many lives.

How Reliable is a PCR Test?

The second, no less important advantage of PCR testing is its sensitivity. The PCR test is sensitive to the smallest number of bacteria, which can be especially useful in diagnosing chronic or intractable infections in the body. What’s more, PCR testing can help identify antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This quality significantly facilitates the selection of antibiotics for proper treatment. Keep in mind that antibiotic resistance continues to be a growing public health concern. This is the reason why the technology used in PCR testing is becoming more and more advanced to be used in different areas of health care.

PCR testing should definitely be the number one option for you to get tested in case of any problems with wounds. High speed, sensitivity, and the ability to detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria make PCR a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. 

Where to Get a PCR Wound Care Test?

Despite all of the advantages mentioned above, PCR testing is not yet widely used in wound testing. In fact, most healthcare providers are not yet familiar with the benefits of this technology or just do not care that much about trying a progressive approach. Yet, at Alliance Health, we strive to be the best in what we do and therefore use the best technologies to ensure reliable, high-quality wound care PCR testing. 

In conclusion, PCR testing is a promising tool to improve wound care outcomes. Its speed, sensitivity, and ability to detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria make it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. Now you know what testing to have in case of skin lacerations that seem to not heal properly.

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