What Are The Safest European Destinations for New York Travelers?

17 September, 2021

Want to head to Europe now that travel has opened up? Though most of us are vaccinated, Delta is still a concern! Wondering which destinations have been successful in either suppressing Covid or recovering from it? Let’s see!

Delta has caused us to have a rough time in the United States lately. People are becoming more concerned about their secure travels as we speak, with this latest wave of the Covid epidemic.

Despite the fact that COVID-19 had a negative influence on travel for most of 2020, in 2021 Americans rediscovered some normality as additional nations started to reopen their borders.

As Alliance has been reporting since June, however, Delta has come to New York City—so this has changed the way we think about our vacations.

Many people will prioritize safety when deciding where to go this summer. Covid-free locations provide visitors with both security and peace of mind.

Luckily for New Yorkers, there are safe places to travel overseas during Covid season–as close as the Caribbean! If you’re into beachy adventures, however, you might find more inspiration from our recent blogpost about safe destinations there.

While it may appear that no safe locations exist, we’ve compiled a list of some secure destinations to visit this summer.

Here’s a list of safe summer destinations in Western and Central Europe that you might want to visit!

Safe Destinations in Western Europe

If you’re looking to safe destinations outside of the US and Caribbean this summer, why not consider some European ones? These three safe places are a great place for an overseas destination—especially if it’s your first time traveling abroad!


Consider heading to Portugal this summer. You can visit one of its many coasts, or indulge in the various cultural adventures. The culture of Portugal is rich and diverse, with some influences from the New World.


Have you ever wanted to see what a chocolate cuckoo clock looks like? Or go skiing in Switzerland? If you haven’t, then now’s your chance! The safest thing about summer vacationing in Switzerland is that you’re always under the protection of the Swiss Alps, in case you run into any trouble.

Safe Destinations in Central Europe

These are some of the most peaceful spots on our list. Filled with lush nature and rich historical sites, these gems are a great place to re-center.


Croatia is famous for its beaches and has been a summer destination of Hollywood celebrities such as Sofia Loren and Orson Welles. With its rich culture, great food and pleasant climate, Croatia won’t disappoint you! From Dubrovnik’s beautiful old town and spectacular beaches to the untouched Kornati Islands, we could spend days in this safe haven.

Update: Recently the State department updated Croatia to a level 3, suggesting we reconsider traveling there.


If you’re looking to go out on the town with zero worry about safety, Slovenia is a small country with a rich history. The capital of Ljubljana is beaming with culture and charm that will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re interested in historical architecture or picturesque scenery, then Slovenia is your destination. Its capital Ljubljana is the highest-ranking city in this list.


The safety in Austria is similar to that of the rest of Western European countries.

“Austria is among one of the safest places in Europe, and Vienna is said to be one of the best cities for tourists,” – First Choice


We hope this blogpost has given you some inspiration if you were considering a European excursion! As always, we recommend that you take every possible Covid-safety precaution while traveling—from wearing masks and social distancing to ensure you get tested before and after your fights!

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