Pandemic Safety: Best East Coast Destinations For Miami Travelers

09 September, 2021

Are you a first time traveler? Probably not—but for many of us traveling for the first time after the pandemic, it certainly feels that way! If you’re considering a trip to the East Coast, here are a few destinations you may want to consider for a covid-safe journey.

Are you a first-time traveler? Probably not—but for many of us traveling for the first time after the pandemic, it certainly feels that way!

For the past few months, we’ve been talking about travel at Alliance Health. We’ve covered several topics, such as: What is the Covid-19 Delta Variant? How has the Delta variant affected travel restrictions? Should New Yorkers travel at all? And, where should New Yorkers go?

This week, we’re focusing on our Miami readers.

We want to provide you a list of cities that we believe are still worth visiting. These areas haven’t been severely hit by Covid-19 or have high vaccination rates, so their progress is visible.

Why are we focusing on destinations from the east coast? Well, it seems that coastal cities are more likely to have lower rates of infection. This may be due to several factors, including less densely populated areas and the fact that citizens are more likely to take their vacations during winter months, when virus breakouts are at their peak.

New York City, for example, has been hit hard by Covid-19. Travelers who want to go west should consider making a trip out of Las Vegas or Phoenix.

In this blogpost, however, we’ll focus on less obvious destinations such as Mackinac Island, Michigan; Finger Lakes, New York; Frederick, Maryland; Montpelier, Vermont; & Stowe, Vermont. With each destination, we’ll expand on the current COVID-19 situation in that area.

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island, a beautiful vacation spot on the northernmost part of Michigan, boasts a slower pace of life that doesn’t include automobiles. You might go horseback riding, take carriage trips or cycle through the picturesque island, and simply absorb the essence of small-town life.

The island’s historic center is home to The Grand Hotel, a beautiful place for photographs or a romantic dinner. Mackinac County is currently experiencing very low transmission rates of Covid-19.

According to USA facts, they’ve only had a total reported number of 890 Covid-19 cases as of September 15th. Moreover, their 7-day average is around 6 cases a day—very low compared to other areas in the US.

You can review the current numbers if you’re considering taking a trip to Mackincac. They’re constantly being updated here—so check for yourself before booking a flight!


Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes region of New York is home to a plethora of amazing things to do all year. This area, which is a frequent vacation destination, is known for producing award-winning wines and providing a range of outdoor activities for families to enjoy. There is also very little COVID-19 transmission in this area—and since it focuses on outdoor exploration, a family could easily stay here away from others while appreciating the natural beauty.

The region is made up of a total of 14 counties, so it’s difficult to gather data from just one. Cayuga County, for instance, one of the counties in which the Finger Lakes resides, has only reported 97 total Covid-19 deaths. Similarly, Chemung County—another area of the finger lakes—has only reported a total of 100 deaths and has a 46.11% vaccination rate. Cortland County, a third area of the region, has reported just 279 hospitalizations and 71 deaths to date (as of Sept 15).

Seeing the statistics for three 3 counties shows us the infection pattern for this region. For the most part, infections are low & vaccinations are high—especially when compared to other areas.

If staying in any of those counties soon, you may check the links above to review the present-day situation and make sure the destination remains just as safe. With the vaccine trends in the area, however, Alliance presumes the situation will only get better rather than worse, but it’s still important to check—just in case!

Frederick, Maryland

This one’s for the history buffs. Frederick, Maryland has a lot to offer for anybody who travels there. It’s along the Appalachian Trail, which allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the natural environment and explore. 

While the historic town of Frederick is known for its Civil War battle and national park, it’s also home to several museums, theaters, restaurants, galleries, and art spaces. The famous Civil War Museum in Washington D.C., located in the former Capitol Building (now known as the Rayburn House Office Building), is a must-see for history.

Frederick, Maryland is located in Frederick County, which has a currently moderate rate of COVID-19 infection. Also, 62% of the population in Frederick County is fully vaccinated.


Montpelier, Vermont

Montpelier, Vermont, is a picturesque eastern New England city that has much of the feel of a classic New England town. It’s also home to many fine eateries and local watering holes with plenty of charm. This is another destination with moderate levels of infection. Whether you’re a family or a solo traveler, the tranquil setting and charming buildings will make your stay enjoyable.

Washington County, Vermont, which includes the city of Montpelier, has been reporting moderate levels of transmission—like most of the other counties in the state. Just this week of September 12th, only 5 hospitalizations occurred due to Covid-19. You can check for updates with Washington County here.

Stowe, Vermont

This one’s for the skiers! This lovely area of the country has a lot of potential for outdoor activities, wellness experiences, and historical attractions. Fall is a wonderful time to visit the region, as the trees turn from green to brilliant crimson. The winter has lots of outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding for those who love nature—and the snow!

Stowe, Vermont is in Lamoille County, which is one of two in Vermont where low levels of COVID-19 transmission have been documented. According to USA facts, they’ve only reported a total of 1,051 Covid cases & only 3 deaths (as of Sept 15)! You can check here for updates.

Stay Safe While Traveling From Miami

We hope you’ve discovered some ideas for beautiful, safe destinations on the eastern seaboard! Even if you’ve been vaccinated, we recommend that you follow as many safety precautions as possible.

Though many of us are vaccinated, Delta is rampant and we must remember that vaccinated persons are still capable of transmitting the variant. You’re still more protected than if unvaccinated, but it doesn’t hurt to avoid any risks!

You already know what to do: put on a mask, avoid social interaction, and wash your hands.

If you’ve found somewhere you love and booked a vacation, don’t forget to get tested before and after your flights—or road trips! Come to our Coral Gables clinic, only 3 miles from Miami International Airport!

We can also come to you with a mobile test with one quick call to 844-678-0055!

You can even find the location of the nearest Alliance Health clinic from where you’re staying—if you’d rather get tested the day after you arrive.

Whether or not you choose Alliance Health for testing, stay safe!

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