Safest Domestic Destinations From New York City

20 September, 2021

With Covid around, which domestic destinations are still worth traveling to? We’ve compiled a few places nearby that pass the Covid-safety check.

Considering traveling for the first time in a minute

At Alliance Health, we’ve been discussing travel for a few weeks. We’ve answered a few questions like: Do you need a vaccine passport to travel with international airlines?  How has the Delta variant been affecting it? And should we as New Yorkers be traveling at all? What are some safe international travel destinations?

We wanted to lighten up the topic, and look to see when cities in the US are least affected by Covid-19. Perhaps find a few domestic travel destinations on the way.

Basically, we wanted to give you a list of cities that we believe are still worth traveling to. These cities have not been hit as hard by Covid-19 or they simply have high vaccination rates for their citizens, so their improvement is palpable.


A few counties in Massachusetts have particularly low rates of infection such as Plymouth County and Berkshire County.  There is a town in Plymouth County called Cohasset that has one of the lowest rates of infection.

Another interesting area to look at is the Outer Cape, where towns like Provincetown and Truro have especially high rates of vaccination.

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Consider visiting the town of Plymouth for a historical trip! Plymouth has one of the lowest rates of infection and you will be safe there, especially if you are just looking to visit. You can go see Plymouth rock or even see the Mayflower, where the pilgrims dropped off from.

It’s a wonderful coastal town for any historical lovers—especially American history buffs!  It may have been centuries since the first pilgrims landed there, but traces of them remain everywhere.


As Maine starts with such a low rate compared to other states, most cities are good options.

Parts of Maine like Lincoln County, Boothbay Harbor, and Monhegan are particularly safe areas for travel when avoiding the delta variant or when looking for least-hit areas in the US.

In Maine, there are a few more towns that have low rates of infection or high vaccination rates.

For a coastal town, look at Boothbay Harbor or Monhegan in Lincoln County—specifically central and southern Maine.

Boothbay Harbor

Boothbay Harbor has the lowest levels of Covid-19 reported in Maine for this year. 

For July and August, the town may be a good destination for those looking to avoid infected areas.

Monhegan Island

Monhegan has one of the lowest rates of Covid-19 infection in Maine as well as some areas that have an almost nonexistent rate of infection. 

Monhegan is a tiny town on an island off Lincoln County, Maine. The name Monhegan comes from the Algonquian term monenh, meaning “out-to-sea island.” This is appropriate since the island is 12 nautical miles from the mainland.

It was originally an English fishing station long before the Plymouth Colony was founded in 1620, and this samme trade—fishing— still drives the town’s economy. It’s now a charmy little town, filled with artists and worth visiting!


We hope you’ve found some inspiration for domestic destinations in the east coast! We recommend that, if you choose to travel, you take as many safety measures as possible—even if you’re vaccinated.

You know the drill: wear a mask, socially distance, wash your hands.

If you’ve found somewhere you love and booked a vacation, don’t forget to get tested before and after your flights—or road trips! Get PCR results in less than a day when you come get tested at Midtown Manhattan clinic or any Alliance Health clinic near you in New York!

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