Traveling Abroad from NY? Here Are The Safest Caribbean Destinations

05 September, 2021

The US has had a tough time with Delta these past few months. With this new wave of the covid outbreak, people are starting to worry about their safe travels.

Even though COVID-19 had a negative impact on travel for most of 2020, Americans regained some normalcy in 2021 as more countries began to reopen their borders. But as we mentioned in our recent blogpost, Delta has come to NYC—so this has shaken up how we view our vacations.

Safety will be top priority for many when selecting a destination to travel this Summer. Destinations with little to no cases of Covid provide travelers with both protection and peace of mind.

Luckily for New Yorkers, there are safe places to travel overseas during Covid season–as close as the Caribbean! While it may seem like there are no safe destinations, we’ve collected some information on some safe places to travel this Summer.

Here’s our list of safe summer destinations you may wanna check out in the Caribbean!

Aiming for a beach trip to get away from the chaos of the city? Understandable. These tropical destinations are the perfect place to get away with your family for a few days and ensure a safe vacation.


Dominica, the island in the Caribbean is one of our 3 picks. This island is safe, peaceful and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. The island’s lush, tropical forests, combined with its world-famous beaches and crystal blue waters have earned it the title of “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.” It is also known as “Lesser Antillean Eden” (lesser antilles meaning all islands of a lesser size than Saint Kitts or Nevis).


If you’re looking for a safe place to get away from the chaos of Covid, Anguilla is your best bet! This island boasts some incredible resorts with access to world-class beaches. Not only that but it’s one of

Anguilla is located to the east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and immediately north of Saint Martin. With well-known ecologically significant coral reefs and beaches, you can inject a bit of nature education into your relaxing vacation.


In contrast to the contagion rate and death toll in our home country, this small island nation, Grenada, has only had one active case and one death so far.

Travelers, of course, have to follow some safety protocols to keep the island Covid-free.

You need to bring a negative PCR test from within the past 72 hours, then download the country’s contact tracing app and complete a travel authorization form through Grenada’s Covid-19 government website.

After being quarantined in a designated hotel, you can leave after 4-5 five days as long as your Covid-19 test results are negative.

What’s wonderful about Grenada? A whole lot.

On land, you’ll find the birdlife, easy-to-reach waterfalls, & hiking routes. And in the sea? Find large corals, colorful fishes, peaceful seascapes, and even witness submerged shipwrecks beneath the sea.


Ultimately, wherever you choose to go matters far less than the safety protocols you follow. It’s important to remember that though vaccines are helpful, they’re not foolproof against Delta! So take the precautions we’ve all grown to know very well these past couple of years:

Wear a mask, social distance, try to remain in open air whenever possible, wash your hands often… but, don’t forget to have a nice time on your trip as well!

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