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Podiatry Diseases Testing

Multitarget tests that detect the most common pathogens inflicting podiatry conditions. Applicable for men and women. Fast turnaround times, anonymity, and safety are guaranteed.

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Testing Service Lines

Here is the list of our testing options falling within the podiatry testing category.

Fungal panel

Broad, multitarget testing for a total of 21 fungi species that inflict podiatry conditions.


  • Easy & Fast
  • FDA Approved
  • CLIA-Certified
  • Results Via Email
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Groups of People Who Need Testing for Podiatry Diseases

Individuals categorized in one or more of the listed groups are highly advised to get tested for infectious diseases:

  • People who recently had close contact with ones having signs of podiatry diseases
  • People who are planning to travel internationally
  • People who experience one or more symptoms of podiatry diseases
  • People who were sick recently and still have low immunity levels
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Common Symptoms of Podiatry Diseases

Here is a list of frequent symptoms that a person may experience shortly after getting infected

Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Pain




Ingrown Toenails

Discoloration of nails

Deformed shape of nails

Sometimes, podiatry infections manifest only minor symptoms. The only way to be certain is to get tested.

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How It Works

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Select a lab location and time

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Arrive and get tested

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Receive results via email

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