I-693 Form: Everything You Should Know About

15 August, 2023
i 693 form

It comes as no surprise that as an immigrant you will have to go through a long bureaucratic way to reach the desired peace of mind in the US. One required thing to complete will be the basic medical immigration checkup for the immigrants and fill out the form number I-693. How to do so, what is the purpose and what is the best medical service provider to complete it in Florida? Check the article below to discover the answers to your questions.

what is the purpose of form i 693

What Is the Purpose of Form I-693?

Form I-693 is an essential part of the immigration medical process. It serves to provide the USCIS requirements regarding an applicant’s medical evaluation and vaccination records.

A designated civil surgeon or panel physician must carry out a thorough health assessment, including a blood test, Tuberculosis (TB) test, and complete examination of the applicant’s medical history.

Important Documents Required for the Immigration Medical Exam

For the I-693 form, several vital documents need to be prepared. These include a green card application, previous medical reports, vaccination records, and any relevant immigration documentation. If you have ever had a medical waiver, you must also provide that. A blood test, Tuberculosis (TB) test, and a review by a civil surgeon of your medical history are essential to fulfill the USCIS requirements.

What If I Receive an I-693 Deficiency Notice?

Receiving an I-693 deficiency notice might indicate issues with the validity period of your health assessment or other problems with your immigration medical examination. Carefully reviewing the notice with your civil surgeon or panel physician and following the specified immigration policies will allow you to address any deficiency. This process might involve retesting, obtaining a new medical report, or undergoing a fresh medical evaluation.

What Is the Right Time to Submit Form I-693?

The right time to submit the I-693 form during the adjustment of status in your green card application is within the prescribed validity period. It must align with immigration policies and USCIS requirements to ensure a smooth immigration medical process. If you’re unsure, consulting with a civil surgeon or an immigration professional familiar with medical evaluation procedures is advisable.

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what is the right time to submit form i 693

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