How to Have a Convo With Your Partner About STDs

28 December, 2022

There are some topics people do not talk about. They just don’t. Why? Because often these topics are very stigmatized. But you know what? What is natural is not ugly to look at. So, how to find courage, and what’s even more important – where to find the rightwards to talk about STDs with your partner? The Alliance Health team has some tips for you on how to talk about getting STDs tested.

How -to-Have-a-Convo-With-Your-Partner-About-STD

What to Begin with?

Better safe than sorry. The main rule here is to start this conversation before having unprotected sex with a new partner. But if it’s too late, there is always a time to talk. Especially how to ask someone if they have STD. So, here are a few phrases you can use to start this difficult conversation:

  • It is not easy for me to have this conversation, but I feel like it was necessary. Do you mind going to STD testing together? 
  • You know, I recently got my STD test done? Did you think about getting one too?
  • I want to make sure we are both safe having sex together. Do you mind going to the lab to get tested together?

It may seem very awkward and uncomfortable to talk about it, but afterward, you will feel relief and respect for your current partner for doing this. If your partner is being aggressive or too defensive – sorry to disappoint you, but it’s a red flag.

What to Pay Attention to?

There are some things that may help you to go through this emotionally tough process of getting tested (and what’s even more difficult – getting the results).

Stay calm

The process of getting tested for STDs can be stressful for both you and your partner. But keep it easy. Try to talk nicely, without putting extra pressure. In the worst case – you can get treatment and keep your normal life.

Find the right time

Try not to bring up this topic before in the morning before working day or while driving to some party together. Try to bring it up at a time when you will have the opportunity to have a normal conversation and it won’t ruin your plans. Also, turn off the TV or phone not to disturb you two. 

Be prepared

Just like before any other important speech or dialogue, try to write down some phrases you want to bring up. Think about explaining your feelings and the pros of getting tested, and some reasons that make you do that. It makes it less stressful when you are ready.


Where to Get Tested?

Alliance Health is always here to help you go through the process of getting tested for STDs. We offer different types of  STDs Testing panels that you can find on our website. Just come over to get tested at the time that suits you best and keep peace of mind. 

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