Green Card Medical Exam: A Step-by-Step Guide to Form I-693 and What to Expect

15 August, 2023
green card medical exam and what to expect

Understanding the Importance of the I-693 Medical Exam

The Green Card Medical Exam is a pivotal step in the immigration medical process for anyone seeking adjustment of status in the United States. Linked directly with Form I-693, this medical examination follows USCIS requirements and aims to establish green card eligibility, ensuring that applicants meet specific health standards.

step 1 gathering essential documentation for the i 693 form

Step 1: Gathering Essential Documentation for the I-693 Form

Before navigating the medical examination, it’s essential to prepare the required documents. The documentation checklist includes vaccination records, prior medical waivers, and any relevant medical history. Ensuring that all necessary information is ready will smoothen the immigration health screening process.

Comprehensive Checklist: Documents You Need for a Smooth I-693 Medical Exam

A complete documentation checklist for the I-693 medical exam includes:

  • Previous Medical Examination Results
  • Vaccination Records
  • Medical Waivers (if applicable)
  • Passport or Photo ID
  • Green Card Application
  • Payment for the Exam (if required)

Step 2: The Medical Examination Process and Tests Involved

The medical examination steps begin with a health assessment conducted by an approved civil surgeon. This health assessment includes a thorough civil surgeon evaluation, involving specific medical tests for Green Card applicants, such as Tuberculosis (TB) test, blood tests, and other essential examinations.

Interpreting the Results and Addressing Medical Inadmissibility

Once the civil surgeon’s evaluation is complete, you’ll receive the medical examination results, detailed in Form I-693. These results may identify medical inadmissibility factors that could affect Green Card eligibility. In some cases, a medical waiver may be available to overcome such challenges.

interpreting the results and addressing medical inadmissibility

What Is Form I-693 and Why Is It Crucial for Green Card Applicants?

Form I-693 contains all the I-693 Form details, summarizing the applicant’s health assessment, including vaccination records, Tuberculosis (TB) test results, and other medical findings. It’s a critical part of the immigration health screening, playing a vital role in determining one’s suitability for a Green Card.

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