Five Things to Know About Monkeypox

15 August, 2022
Alliance Health_Testing Services. A rash caused by Monkeypox and how to test for the virus.

Cases of monkeypox or poxvirus are rare outside of the endemic setting. Yet, more and more cases are registered worldwide. Probably, it’s the right time to learn about what monkeypox viral disease actually is and what it brings except for rash, tiredness, headaches, and respiratory-like symptoms. 

In this post, we will examine five interesting aspects that are known and not well-known to publicity.

#1 Monkeypox is Caused by a Smallpox-Like Virus

Evidently, monkeypox is caused by the eponymous virus that is closely related to smallpox. It’s a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviriddae. Monkeypox was discovered back in 1958. The outbreaks were the pox discovered in monkeys. The first registered case of monkeypox in humans is dated back to 1970. 

As of 2020, there were about 4600 suspected cases of monkeypox, including 171 fatalities (3.7% fatality ratio approximately).

Alliance Health_Testing Services. A girl is having swollen lymph nodes caused by monkeypox. Test for the monkeypox virus.

#2 Monkeypox Causes Postules

After about five to 13 days after infection, the rash tends to erupt, concentrating on the face, hands, and genitals and spreading to other body areas. The rash progresses until it forms a scab which falls off. In some cases, large skin sections may drop off the body. 

Some other monkeypox symptoms include muscle ache, backache, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and fever. Normally, symptoms ease within a month.

#3 Diagnosis of Monkeypox Is Possible Through PCR Testing

Similar symptoms as monkeypox causes are observed in many other diseases. Orthopoxviruses produce antigens and trigger antibodies that are similar to some other related viruses. That’s why centers for disease control and prevention do recommend such a precise method of analysis as PCR diagnosis when identification is necessary. 

Alliance Health_Testing Services. A child has an elevated temperature caused by Monkeypox. Get monkeypox testing.

#4 Monkeypox Can Spread Through Close Contact

Generally, the virus spreads between infected wild animals. Occasionally, people get infected with it through close contact. For example, when one occurs in close proximity to lesions, body fluids, and contaminated materials, including clothing. Human-to-human transmission can also happen this way.

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