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Rapid Antibody Test (Result in 30-60 Minutes)

Rapid Antibody Test (Result in 30-60 Minutes)

How It Works







Rapid Antibody Test (Result in 30-60 Minutes)

In-Clinic $$99

Confirms if you’re currently infected with Covid-19 in the past without crowded waiting rooms

Infections Screened For:

Collection Methods:

Nasal Swab

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Why Request Rapid Antibody Test from Alliance Health?

Alliance Health — Your Trusted Lab Services Vendor.

We are a market-leading provider of Rapid Antibody Tests. With some of the best laboratory equipment and CLIA-certified locations, we can provide you with accurate, fast, and non-invasive testing at an affordable cost.

We work as per the latest industry standards and strive to ensure your best client experience. Complete anonymity and security of your personal data are guaranteed.

What is Our Rapid Antibody Test and How is It Conducted?

It’s testing for all Antibody types of Covid. Our certified medical providers quickly and professionally get a specimen from you, label it, and transfer it to laboratory areas.

Once the results are obtained, we will send them to you via email. You may get the paper-based copy of the results at the reception as well.

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Common Symptoms of STDs

Here is a list of frequent symptoms that a person might experience shortly after getting STD infected.

Painful urination

Itchiness in the genital area


Lumps or skin growths in the genital area

Blisters or sores in the genital area

Discharge from the genitals

Dark urine

Light-colored stools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate rapid antibody test is?
It’s estimated that the rapid antibody test is 97.9% specific and 92.5% sensitive.
Can I use the COVID-19 antibody test to determine my immunity levels?
COVID-19 antibody test determines whether you have antibodies against this virus specifically. It may indicate the likelihood of you getting COVID-19 again.
Can my child be tested?
Yes, it’s safe for children to get rapid antibody testing for COVID-19.
Are there limitations to the COVID-19 antibody tests?
In cases when antibodies against COVID-19 haven’t formed yet, the test will likely show a false negative result.

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