Covid Testing In Miami: Where Can Tourists Get Tested For Travel?

02 November, 2021

Miami Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America. Tourists can’t help but enjoy watching sunrises, relaxing at the beach or walking around to explore famous Miami landmarks like South Beach and Lincoln Road. But before they do any of that—there’s something important people need to know: how they’re going to get tested for covid-19 while visiting!

If you’re not heading to Miami Beach, perhaps you’re vacationing elsewhere in the United States. Covid testing requirements for leaving from or returning to the U.S. are a little different for vaccinated and unvaccinated people, so let’s go over those first. 

Next we’ll see which Covid-19 Tests are approved for travel to the U.S., & finish off by showing you how quickly you can get results that are approved for travel before you go!

Covid Testing Requirements Before & After Leaving the US

If you’re one of the thousands of tourists that come to Miami Beach from abroad, you’re likely thinking:

Do I need to be tested for COVID-19 before or after traveling in the USA if I have been vaccinated?

Since January 2021 when travel standards were put in place, the answer has been: yes.

COVID-19 test testing is a must for all travelers to the United States, and the government requires that they produce proof of a current negative COVID-19 test before entry and within three days of their arrival. The CDC is advising three to five days of self-quarantine or self-isolation after arrival in the United States, and that visitors be tested 3-5 days into their trip. To learn more about what the CDC recommends to international travelers, check out their updated information here.

These standards were set in early 2021, so it’s natural to reflect and ask yourself: do they remain unchanged? We’d answer: for now.

All international passengers entering the United States will be subject to new conditions starting on November 8, 2021. So, if your trip started before then—you can skip ahead! Otherwise, you may want to pay attention.

What are the most updated Covid testing & vaccination requirements for travel?

The new international air travel policy set forth by the Biden Administration imposes some stricter regulations upon foreign visitors entering the US. Foreign national air passengers arriving in the United States after November 8 will be required to show proof of vaccination before boarding an aircraft bound for the United States, with a few exceptions.

Despite this update, fully vaccinated travelers will still be required to show a negative Covid-19 test before they get on the plane. To clear this up:

Before Nov 8: All foreign air travelers need to show a negative viral test—whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

On & After Nov 8: All foreign air travelers will be required to show both proof of vaccination & a negative Covid-19 test result. Unvaccinated travelers will not be able to board a plane to the US, with a few exceptions. In those cases, unvaccinated travelers now need to show a negative viral result taken within one day of travel.

So you’ll need a negative Covid-19 test to get into the U.S., and you’ll likely also need one to return home—even if you’re vaccinated.

Now you might ask: which test do I need?

What type of Covid test is required for traveling to the United States?

All tests are approved by the federal government for travel into the US, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that any test will work. Your airline might require a PCR test or could be more lax & accept Antigen test results as well.

In our experience, many airlines and foreign governments require RT-PCR test results or some other molecular test—as these tests tend to provide the most reliable results.

The most common rapid test option, Antigen testing, is also available in Alliance & elsewhere the U.S.—but it isn’t approved by some foreign governments or airlines to enter the country. If you are flying out of Miami Beach and have a flight scheduled within a few days, you may want to give your airline a call to find out. Otherwise, Alliance recommends opting for PCR test results if you’re unsure.

We’ve talked about testing requirements you might face to leave the US & the ones you will face when entering it. But, for those of you who are already here as tourists—what’s the fastest option?!

How soon can you get results for COVID-19 rapid tests?

Now that you know which test results you need & when you need them… where can you get them? Most testing centers offer 2 types of diagnostic results: PCR results within 24-48 hours & rapid Antigen results within 30 minutes. Some clinics also provide rapid PCR test results at 3-6 hours—and we’ve only seen a few.

At Alliance Health, Rapid PCR tests results arrive in as little as 15 minutes. And Same-day PCR results arrive within 24 hours—often within only 6, the same time span most rapid tests boast. And if you don’t mind settling for Antigen test results, we’ll get those to you in just 15 minutes!

Basically, if you have a flight & need results in a hurry—we’ve got you covered.

Visit our Miami Beach clinic to get tested. If you don’t have a way to get here, give us a call at 844-678-0055 & we’ll come with our mobile testing van ASAP. Whether or not you choose Alliance for your travel testing needs, we wish you a great trip here in Miami!

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