Affordable Connectivity Program

ACP is a governmental program designed to help lower-income households stay connected. It ensures that all individuals can afford access to the Internet and mobile services they need for work, school, healthcare, and just to stay in touch with family.

What Can I Get From Participance in ACP?

The program provides eligible customers of broadband providers up to $30/month ($75/month for Tribal lands). It can be spent on the Internet and mobile services.

ACP also provides a one-time discount of up $100 for laptop/desktop/tablet purchases if the individual contributes $10-50 towards the purchase.

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Apply for the program with Unity
Wire in 5 minutes

2. Get Approved

Enjoy a simple and quick
approval process

3. Activate

Use your free internet, mobile
service access and device!

How to know if I may Qualify for ACP?

Groups of people that fall in one or more of the below categories are eligible for ACP benefits:

  Participation in assistance programs: SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Housing Assistance, SSI, WIC, Lifeline, Veterans Pension
  Residence on Qualifying Tribal Lands and participation in related assistance programs
  Free and reduced-price school lunch
  The entire household income is below $60,000/year for a family of four or $29,160 for an individual
  Federal Pell Grant during the current award year
 Participation in existing low-income Internet programs

Why Choose Alliance Health to Participate in ACP?

We are a registered affiliate of the ACP program

Alliance Health is proud to be a registered affiliate of the ACP program, meaning that we can provide you the assistance needed to participate in the program and ensure that you are given all the benefits of the program in full, including free internet and mobile communication services as well as a FREE tablet, laptop, or a phone to make use of those services.

Our Client`s Reviews

In and out, fast and easy. Results same day. Doesn't get better than this.
Kevin Arregoces
Kevin Arregoces
Awesome experience! I was going on a trip and scheduled an appointment with them since I need it to get tested ASAP.
Rolando Montero
Rolando Montero
Got a PCR test and got it just in time for my flight. Super quick and professional.
Nikia Rodriguez
Nikia Rodriguez
After getting negative results, I was curious to see if I had any antibodies. I was in Miami Beach, and wanted to spontaneously get tested. They were able to schedule the test for 30 mins after I called, I was in and out with results in hand. Definitely going to be using their services again if needed.
Daniela Coppola
Daniela Coppola

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for ACP?
Just visit the registration page available by clicking the “apply now” button on this page, fill in the form, and send it. Then you’ll get approved to participate in the program.
What is the offer for a brand tablet?
The government offers any program participant a $100 discount for the purchase of a smart device if they contribute $10-50 dollars towards the purchase. You can get a tablet priced at $110 dollar with only $10 and a government discount!
Are there hidden fees?
Now, the communication services are government-sponsored for a sum of  $30/month ($75/month for Tribal lands).